Human influence/ Health concerns/Threats

09/30/2008 18:40


The acidity levels in the ocean waters are at a high and need to be closely observed. Human emission whether it be car exhaust, green house gasses, household appliances, or burning wood releases CO2 into the air which is then absorbed by the ocean waters. Once absorbed by the ocean chemical reactions take place and deplete some substances needed by other organisms to grow. Aso when the ocean water is evaporated into the air the acidity of that rain becomes higher and creates something called acid rain. Acid rain is exremeley nhealthy especially to forest vegetation. Here is a picture of a bird covered in oil from a recent oil spill. What we can do to help these human caused disasters is spending more time and money on finding better ways to use energy. Maby even stuff as simple as using your airconditionor less. Even the smallest things can add up and help.


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