09/30/2008 18:40

Human influence/ Health concerns/Threats

  The acidity levels in the ocean waters are at a high and need to be closely observed. Human emission whether it be car exhaust, green house gasses, household appliances, or burning wood releases CO2 into the air which is then absorbed by the ocean waters. Once absorbed by the ocean chemical...
09/14/2008 16:24


More information will be coming soon, please be patient as i have yet to finish reaserching! THNX!!!! =-)
09/12/2008 18:28

Visitors notice

Hello there! Just so you know this website has been built off of research from other sites so visit these for more information on marine biomes!  
09/12/2008 18:27

Website launched

Our new website has been launched today. Hopefully within the vast amount of information we are about to present to you. you will learn something new about the oceans.

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